Hi! I’m Heather Dombrosky. I’m a nurse, home cook, surfer, hunter, and traveler. What can I say, I like to keep things interesting!

I’ve picked up many loves, made a variety of career moves, and traveled to the ends of world meeting new people, eating unusual food; all the while learning about myself and what it means to be a small speck of a human in this big, constantly changing world.

 Fear - of unknown experiences like traveling alone, or trying a new sport, or eating something unconventional - has never really been a deterrent in my life, but rather a motivator that inspired me has been the springboard that led me to pursue food in a more serious light. This brings me to the story of now, becoming a licensed hunter and competing on a national cooking show called “MasterChef” with Gordon Ramsay (premiering Weds 5/31 on Fox! Tune in at 8pm EST.)

Food has been a huge influence in my life for as long as I can remember. My mother immigrated from Peru to Miami, and it was there that she met my father, an avid spear fisherman (who was originally from Pittsburgh). They didn’t know many other people in Miami, and food was the bond that kept our little family together. Cooking was always a family affair. 

I make a point to create many of my meals out of ingredients that are not generally considered edible and/or discarded as waste. I want to be less wasteful and use as much as possible of a food item: stems of broccoli, the weeds pulled out of the ground (purslane), the head of a fish that a monger throws in the trash, the bones of butchered pig.  

I feel that our relationship with what we consume has gone askew - due to the availability of food in supermarkets with little connection to the origin, our society has increasingly become separated with how much work, money and time it truly takes to raise animals and grow fruit and vegetables. I want to understand what an animal goes through before becoming an item on our plate so I became a licensed hunter. I regularly fish in the waters around New York, and I am a loyal supporter of many local farmers’ markets.

When I’m not cooking, I’m working as a nurse in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and also with a medical technology company that sends me around the world to educate fellow medical professionals. This has given me incredible opportunities to explore many countries, wandering through night markets, experiencing different cultures, and meeting fascinating people.